Losing you

Hi, there:) To be honest, I really contemplated if I should write about this. No, it’s nothing romantic haha (the title). Just hesitant… shy maybe.

This is about my sisters. Yep, the other two of the Chau trio.

After our recent fight (of course we fight – with words, no hair involved :p), fear of loss came to my mind: what if I lose my sisters? What if we don’t talk anymore in the future?

Family members are those closest to me and most comfortable with. Unfortunately, you might agree that family members are also the people who we most likely to have conflicts with. Little things, big things. Chores and beliefs clashes. I can say arguments with my sisters are pretty much inevitable, but arguments usually get resolved quite quickly.

It was a little different this time. I had a sudden fear that – what if our conflicts don’t get resolved? What if they don’t ever get resolved, misunderstandings happen and we just don’t want to see and talk to each other anymore? I’m fearful of losing the unique relationships we have now. I am afraid that we will have a grudge (心病, sum ban, literally “heart illness” in Cantonese).

Is it worth it? When it only takes some “talking it out” and apologizing?

Yes, you are right, ‘only’ maybe shouldn’t have been there. I know it’s not easy. But I can say it’s worth it. It’s worth the effort. “Talking it out” can actually be very beneficial. It gives you new perspectives, new understandings. It’s worth swallowing that pride and say “I’m sorry.” Of course, timing is key. Take your time.

To you who have siblings or bros and sis’s who are basically your siblings.. treasure them! Accept who they are. Yeah, they have habits that make you go ughhhh, but at the end of the day, they are still so awesome and are there with you at the highs and lows. If you guys fight.. be the brave one and say sorry 🙂 About the chores, split them up! You do the laundry and he/she can do the dishes.

Love you, Grace and Faith ❤ (Btw, if you don’t know already Grace and Faith are also bloggers for TOV. Go check out their posts!)


P.S. The photo was a throwback to my baptism. Looking forward to more life events to spend together.




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