Superheros in scrubs

When we think of superheroes we might always think of those super muscular guys. I don’t watch very much superhero stuff. I mean, I’ve watched Iron Man but I don’t really want to talk about him in this post. I think superheroes don’t need to be big and strong and tall and muscular. I think superheroes can just be a normal person with normal height and with a very warm heart. When this quarter comes to an end it marks the end of my first year as a nursing student. I gotta say, it wasn’t smooth sailing. But there’s something about nursing that’s just so rewarding and keeps me going. Something about nurses that I very very much admire.

The superheroes I want to give thanks to are nurses.nurse-1355357_1280

No, nurses don’t have super powers and can make illnesses run away quickly. Some of the nurses I’ve met or worked with have a special characteristic.  Their giving heart. I can vividly remember one nurse who really inspired me. She was so determined to help the patient feel more comfortable and at ease. She was a listener. She listened closely to the patient as he described his pain. She took care of this patient as if he was her close friend. She made sure to provide the best care, even when it meant running to and from the room, up and down the floors. I would say that’s pretty selfless.

Yeah, medications can treat and make patients feel better. No denying that. But talking and comforting, or just being with them can also do so much. Sometimes an ear to listen and a hold of hand are all that are needed. I admire the patience nurses have for patients. (See the patient/patience correlation? :))

Nursing school isn’t easy. There are times that I just want to give up and think why I am putting myself into this situation. However, the fact that a nurse can make a difference in someone’s life when they are perhaps going through the worst is what keeps me running. Of course, I still have a lot to learn.

To all the nurses: thank you. Thank you for your patience and a heart of giving.

Feel free to comment below your experiences with nurses or health care professionals in general 🙂 And, who’s YOUR superhero?





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