New Life from an Auction


“Going once, going twice…. Sold!”

I’ve never been to a real auction. You know, the ones that people bid for super valuable jewelry, antiques, “big names” belongings, limited objects of the earth, artworks by famous artists, or just something really expensive and not a lot of people can afford. But I’ve been to 2 little auctions. One was at a department store in Hong Kong, which I got nothing out of. The other was actually a game that I’ve played with my college Christian fellowship. I didn’t receive any tangible objects, but I found myself genuinely screaming with extreme joy when I got “the bids.”

That game was called “Spiritual Auction.” Yeah, the name kind of gives off a weird feeling. But if the items I got can be fulfilled right then, it will truly be the best auction that will change my life. The game began by everyone having the same amount of “spiritual money” of $30,000. The starting amount of each item, which is presented by the game host, was $1,000. The first item I won with $5,000 was “peace beyond all understanding” …

It sounded kind of cliché, doesn’t it? Let me tell you my experience, and maybe that will give you a better understanding.

On December 13th of last year, I had a near-death experience. My friend at the time was driving me back to my college from home. It was pouring rain that day. I go to a college in Santa Cruz, California. If you ever been there, you would know that the main freeway that gets you there is pretty scary due to the mountainous features. Long story short, the car had a hydroplane while making a big turn. Honestly, I don’t really have a calm personality. But when the car was making multiple swirls, the thought of maybe today is the day that I die and that I feel okay about it came across my mind. And I was super calm to the point where I even felt strange about why I reacted that way. The back side of the car hit the barrier wall and bounced back to the middle of two lanes, and then my friend continued driving in the slow lane like nothing happened. We didn’t make conversations for a minute or two, and then we both burst out “what just happened?” We talked about how both of us realized that life is short and beyond our expectation and control. But we both felt the peace that surpasses the fear of “today might be the day.” Now that is peace beyond understanding. If I really have “peace beyond all understanding” right now, my life will be without anxiety, confusion, and feeling of lost. It’s like experiencing new life.

The second item I won with $15,000 was a daily double of “character of meekness” and “mind of Christ.” A lot of us really wanted this one. We really fought for it. I used most of my spiritual money for this one. Is it worth it? It sure is. Meekness is one of the characters of Christ. It’s very similar to gentleness, humility, and patience. A lot of people, including myself, first thought that meekness is a weakness, but a true leader has the character of meekness. Having the mind of Christ is having Christ-centered mentality and heart. If I have that, wow, I would know His will for my life. You know how people always want to find the purpose of life or the plan for their life? If I have meekness and know the mind of Christ, my life is like having a new and rightly directed perspective. When I “won” this one, I was seriously overjoyed.

The third item I won when everyone was coming low in our spiritual money. The last one I got with $6,000 was “understand the depth of the gospel.” A lot of people I know have heard the gospel maybe one time, a couple times, or multiple times in their life. Some accepted, some not, and some are in the process of trying to figure it out. We know what is the gospel, but understanding the gospel is a whole new different thing. For me, I heard the gospel many times, but every time it’s  new encounter. It’s like you can always dig deeper to the limitless ground. I think when you really understand the depth of the gospel, you would live very differently and you would interact with others very differently. Understanding the depth is like understanding to the max. This one is truly life changing.

At the end of this game, we had a time of prayer. We prayed about the items we received. I know that in this lifetime, I would never have all of them, but I prayed that I would get closer to the new life 2.0 every day. I know I already have the new life 1.0 when I found Christ. 2.0 is a process of growth. Tough and amazing stuff! I know this game really isn’t a real auction or a game that offers “real prizes,” but I think I received the most out of all the games I played and will play. All the participants of this game really fought for every item and thought of a strategy to use their spiritual money wisely as if they were at those big international auctions. Fighting for notecards that have words of life-changing truths may be meaningful, but I hope to truly fight and desire for the most important things in real life.



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