In case you are wondering, no, I didn’t paint this. I wish I have the skills though. 
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”
2 Corinthians 5:17


One of my favorite verses. Plain out beautiful.

Through Him, we are able to forgo our dark past and receive a new beginning. A New Life. A new medium…

A new medium? What?

Sometime ago, I have watched a movie and one of the most memorable moments I remember is when the narrator makes an analogy with our lives being canvases and God is our painter.

Along the way, God uses different colors from black to blue to green to red to yellow to white. When we are at peace or something great is happening or when God is using all these beautiful bright colors, we tend to rejoice Him or praise Him for granting us all these success. But when we are going through struggles and obstacles or when God is using all these dark colors on our canvases, we might wonder, lose faith, or even resent God for putting us in these situations–for using these ugly colors.

We are often too focus in that tiny dark corner or spot and equate them as bad and shouldn’t be incorporated into our painting. We whine and ask for a brighter color.But yet we forget about the bigger picture. God might be using black and dark brown to paint a beautiful eagle soaring up to the sky. That exact dark spot that we equate them as a bad mistake might very well be the spotlight of the whole painting.

The thing is: we will never know how our painting will turn out until the very end.

Only God knows.

We are only the medium for God to express His glory and power. We are only blank canvases, nothing more and nothing less. And we, as blank canvases that are soon to be painted by God, need to sit back and trust God who is the most talented painter in the Universe to paint the most beautiful painting in the Universe. And with that, we are hung into exhibitions for those who are yet to accept this New life and become a canvas for God, to see these paintings with dark and bright colors and become awe and amazed by God’s work.

Our paintings can only be with substance with the use of all kinds of colors, no matter, dark or bright colors.

Are you willing to offer your new life as a medium for God and let Him paint on your fresh canvas?



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