Is this your first time traveling to Japan? Are you worried about missing something before going to Japan? Here are some tips for you to make sure you are on track and ready to enjoy your travel:



Credit Card and Enough Cash 信用卡和足够的金钱

Unlike China, you can use Visa in most of the places you go. Shopping malls, trains, restaurants, and even convenience stores welcome credit cards. Make sure to tell your bank you are traveling to Japan and know your pin numbers so you can withdraw money in those convenience stores.



Unlock Cell Phone and Useful Apps 手机和会用到的手机软件

If you are carrying T-mobile, you can use data roaming in Japan for free! However, if you are using other carriers, make sure to unlock your cell phone so you can buy a new sim card in Japan or else you have to rent a portable wifi which I don’t recommend; it is kind of expensive. In addition, try to download some useful apps ahead, here is a list of apps you should have in your phone:


from left to right从左到右:

  1. Yurekuru-tells you when and where an earthquake occurs in Japan. 这是一个英文的app,它可以准确地告诉你日本什么地方有地震和震度多大。你也不想到时候有地震都不知怎么回事吧?
  2. 乗換案内-If you can read Kanji, this app is very helpful for riding a train (but if you can’t read it, just use the Google Map).  如果你能看懂中文,恭喜你!没错,这个app的技能比地图还好,它能告诉你电车什么时候到,最便宜或最短的路程是什么,而且价钱都表明在里面。我在东京每天都要靠它去玩,没有它的一天感觉失去什么一样!如果想知道怎样操作,请在下留言。
  3. Translate-if you can’t speak Japanese and need something, this is a way to communicate. 翻译工具最好是有,无论你是百度翻译还是什么,最好有一个翻译app可以让你跟日本人沟通。
  4. Map: help you not to get lost. 地图跟翻译一样,有些地方迷路了还是要靠它。


Medicine 药

You must bring medicine while traveling in Japan because some medicine in Japan are not strong enough! Sometimes I get sick or my throat hurts. And one time I forgot to bring Tylenol or cough drops… it was kind of a painful experience… because in the end, I had to spend money to see a doctor.



Healthy Food 健康食品

During you travel, you might be worried about your bowel movement. But the fruits in Japan are kind of expensive as well. So bringing some healthy food, such as dried plums, will help during your travel.



Your Favorite food or spices 你喜欢的食物或调味料

When I was in Japan, I used to miss Hot Cheetos, In-n-Out Burgers, pho with Sirracha, and etc. So make sure to bring your favorite food or spices  because they might not sell them in Japan.



Clothes 衣物

This is a little bias of mine, but I have to tell you people in Japan dress kind of nice. Imagine you are wearing “t-shirt, jeans, and sandals”; that’s not going to work in Japan. Most girls don’t wear jeans. They don’t wear Crocs or sandals on a street unless they are home. So make sure you wear something nice or “fancy.” In addition to that, Japanese shoe sizes are pretty small. If you have big feet, make sure to bring your own shoes



Souvenir 土产

If you are planning to visit your friends in Japan, it is good to bring something from your country. A box of chocolate, a key chain, or a t-shirt will help! It is part of the Japanese culture and you know, it always makes people happy ’cause it means you keep them in your mind. 😉



If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I will try to answer all of them.






I grew up in Oakland, California, that's why I have some gangster nicknames, but I am not that ghetto because I enjoy eating. I am a snack addict, people see me eating snack everywhere. In my spare time, I like to travel. I study in UC Davis, but currently studying abroad in Meiji Gakuin University in Japan. I have visited China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and some other parts of Asia. Can't wait to share those travel stories out. Peace~

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