Three Words

Hello! Haven't been posting for a while. As you can see, we are starting this blog fresh with a new vision and more awesome people. We will be posting new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And all our contents will be revolving around a specific theme every month. In this month, we will be exploring the topic of love. So stay tune!

I rarely hear the phrase, “I love you,” in my family. If I remember correctly, my parents never really said these three words directly to me. And even my two older sisters, we barely say these three words to each other.

But why is that?

I guess, I can blame it on our culture background and the Chinese upbringing. We always try to keep everything cool. As a family, we never really liked cheesy stuff (food-wise and metaphor-wise). We never really tell each other our feelings. And because of that, there are misunderstandings, wrong assumptions, and, therefore, verbal fights. In some ways, because of this culture, our family can be a bit cold.

But does it mean we don’t love each other because we don’t constantly say “I love you” ?

No, because our action says all.

The simple gestures like my mom peeling an orange for me or my dad helping me sew up a hole in my shirt or my sisters giving me a ride to places shout “I love you.” If they didn’t care about me, they wouldn’t have sacrifice their time and energy on me. But because of the very fact that they care and love me, they are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to do these simple things. Every single time when they do these things, they are saying “I love you.”

Yes, it may not be obvious or straightforward as saying the three actual words. But it is there. You just have to hear it with your heart, not just your ears. These three words may be physically soundless but through actions, these three words are louder than a speaker.

Hope this Valentine’s Day or actually just any day, you will be able to hear and say these three words soundly and soundlessly.



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